InitValue og Incrementis sammenslåing

The recent merger between InitValue and Incrementi marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both consulting firms. With Dag Martin Romslo, an experienced Partner and Advisor, joining Incrementi, the partnership sets the stage for strategic growth and innovation.

Recently, Incrementi, a consulting firm that is part of the 99x Group, announced its merger with InitValue. Established in 2021, InitValue had a clear vision from the outset: not only to expand to the market but also to pioneer innovation while consistently delivering value to its clients.

Dag Martin Romslo, the newest partner at Incrementi, hailing from Sarpsborg, Norway who’s a graduate in engineering cybernetics from NTNU Trondheim, brings with him a wealth of experience garnered from dynamic, technology-driven work environments.

Beginning his journey as an independent consultant in August 2021, Dag Martin gradually built his new venture, InitValue. The merger emerged as a natural progression, driven by the shared vision and goals between InitValue and Incrementi. This integration not only solidifies their commitment to their collective mission but also to deliver better customer experiences with Incrementi.

In this interview, we had the privilege of talking with Dag Martin, whose background is as diverse as it is impressive. With a passion for innovation, Dag Martin shared insights into their motivations, aspirations, and what lies ahead for the company.

Dag Martin Romslo – An experienced partner and advisor

What motivated you to choose Incrementi as your new venture?

I enjoy working as a consultant, embracing the variety and challenges that accompany it. Over the past few years, my journey as an independent consultant and entrepreneur has been incredibly exciting. However, I was seeking future growth. The alignment of Incrementi with my values and ambitions made it the perfect partner for a merger. This synergy helps us to grow organically, and with the backing from 99x, which allows us the opportunity to take on significant projects right from the start.

As a partner, how do you plan to contribute to the strategic vision and direction of the company?

What’s truly exciting about joining as a partner in the early stages is the opportunity to actively shape the company and further develop the business plan and value proposition. I hope to be able to continue to build on the visions from InitValue, i.e. add sustainable customer value through technology.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I look forward to collaborating with the people in the company and the entire organization. I’ve already received a very warm reception and a positive impression. It is energizing and educational to be part of such a company.

I’m also looking forward to working with customers, creating trust and define strategic and measurable improvements to solve together.  Our success stems from the success of our customers.

Do you have any personal or professional goals you’re aiming to achieve during your time at Incrementi?

The goals we aim to achieve as a company are ambitious. I want to grow in tandem with the challenges of building what we desire. Additionally, it’s important to remember to enjoy the journey and celebrate both small and significant victories along the way.

I’m passionate about integrations and automation, and thus also data quality. Having a thorough understanding of the company’s data (both core domain data and external data) is essential to realize the potential in automation and making data accessible through e.g. analysis and artificial intelligence.

I’ve worked extensively with integrations involving HR data and identity management. I want to continue with this and take the experiences to more domains. The processes related to data modeling for integration are domain-independent, and technical solutions concerning data storage, security and scalability largely remain the same.

I dream of productizing something related to integrations, or at the very least, establishing a framework for integration deliveries.

When you’re not immersed in the business world, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Are there any hobbies or activities that you’re particularly passionate about?

I’m married and have two active children aged 9 and 14. We own a cabin in Gudbrandsdalen that we enjoy using during both summer and winter vacations.

As a football enthusiast and local supporter, I try to watch all Sarpsborg 08’s home matches. I also have a dormant interest in golf, which I plan to pick up again when time allows.

As we wrapped up our conversation, it was clear that with robust technological background and a profound grasp of the industry, Incrementi’s new partner brings a unique blend of professionalism and vision to the table. Their commitment to both personal and professional growth, combined with their passion for integration and automation, is sure to ignite fresh sparks of innovation within the company.