A digital transformation is done through a business-oriented change

A digital transformation is done through business-oriented change – It is possible to make progress with investments adapted to your business and your level of ambition

Digitization, digital transformation is often associated with a foreign and somewhat threatening future vision of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, composable, Cloud, Data Lake, Data factory, Analytics, etc.

Businesses can release large values ​​through a well-evaluated and systematic plan that is implemented. The foundation for the plan should be a well-developed business case. IT must be an investment in the same way as the measures taken in the company’s more physical infrastructure. The solutions do not have to be abstract versions of the future, but concrete and practical steps to make everyday working life easier.

Take something as trivial as updating information in the company’s various computer systems and think through the following:

  • How many times must the same information be entered manually in several systems?
  • Do you find different information about the same topic in different systems?
  • How easy is it for the individual employee and manager to obtain good enough information about development and future prospects for the company and their own area of ​​responsibility?
  • Do managers and employees need their own spreadsheets and shadow systems to keep control and manage effectively?

This is probably an everyday life that many people recognize. Digital Transformation is to address these challenges; let information flow automatically between the various systems in the company, create a common picture of what the status is here.

In this way, you will probably gain better control and management, become more efficient, gain a better ability to manage the company based on a common image and probably create a better customer experience – As you can see, this is about competitiveness. It is created through targeted measures to free up value in your business.

An Accenture study states that companies with automated information flow can free up to 2 hours of working time per day/employee and that companies with a high level of integration grow up to 6X faster than companies that do not.

Incrementi can help your business identify and implement business-driven measures to strengthen competitiveness using IT technology.

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