Incrementi and InitValue Join Forces to Redefine the Consulting Landscape

Incrementi & Initvalue

Incrementi, a consultancy firm which is a part of 99x group, is excited to announce its merger with InitValue, a prominent consulting firm established in 2021.

This strategic merger brings together two powerhouses, creating a force that will drive innovation, expand market reach, and deliver unmatched value to clients.

Incrementi & Initvalue connection

The decision to merge comes as a result of a shared vision and a strategic alignment of goals between Incrementi and InitValue. By combining our strengths, resources, and expertise, we aim to create a powerhouse that will revolutionize the software industry, setting new benchmarks and creating new opportunities for growth.

With the integration of InitValue into Incrementi, we are now poised to deliver even better customer experiences to both new and existing clients. As part of the 99x Group, Incrementi benefits from a solid ownership structure and access to a pool of consultants who can contribute to project execution, acting as an extended IT department and trusted IT partner. Incrementi is also committed to organic growth, ensuring proximity to customers through local presence.

“The adventure begins now!” said Dag Martin Romslo, Founder of InitValue. “By joining forces with Incrementi, we have the opportunity to leverage our collective strengths and expertise to provide exceptional value to our clients. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can make together.”

About InitValue

Established in 2021, InitValue is a consultancy firm dedicated to creating value through digitalization. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, InitValue strives to make a lasting impact on businesses across various industries.

About Incrementi

Incrementi is a leading consultancy firm within the 99x Group, specializing in digitalization and IT solutions. With a commitment to delivering innovative and tailored services, Incrementi helps organizations unlock their full potential through technological advancements.

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