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Get profitable digital projects completed faster by collaborating with Incrementi. We have over 30 years of experience in offering digitalization services to Norwegian and international companies.

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We help you create competitiveness

1. Map opportunities

What opportunities do you have to use IT to strengthen competitiveness? You do not commit to project implementation even if we carry out a survey.

You own the results of the survey and use them as you wish.

2. Carry out projects

We have a structured implementation process that is adapted to the size of your project. We measure, report and ensure that it is delivered on time and at cost.

We can also carry out projects you have already defined.

3. Realize gains

We prepare a profit realization plan as part of the survey. This ensures that you get a good return on your IT investments.

In addition to preparing a plan for profit realization, we can help you follow up on the plan.

Ready to realise your product vision?

Digitization creates value

1. Adapted technology solutions for digitalisation

Incrementi offers customized technological solutions that meet your company’s unique needs with a focus on flexibility and scalability. We work for solutions that optimize the value of your investment in digitalisation.

2. Expertise and knowledge sharing

With a team of 500 product engineers and specialists in various IT disciplines, Incrementi strengthens your organization’s knowledge base. As a company, you have access to specialized knowledge when you need it, and we work actively to share this knowledge.

3. Strategic cooperation and project implementation

Incrementi works with your organization to ensure that the ambitions are realized – incrementally. We then ensure that the organization can contribute and get involved, while at the same time there is a continuous drive until the project is completed.

Incrementi is a complete technology house

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge digital solutions for product vendors, aimed at addressing tangible user needs and driving meaningful impact.

Digital Business development

Development department (R&D)

Quality Assurance (QA)

System architecture & mobile solutions

Cloud services

What is unique about Incrementi?

Technical experts, intermediate & senior level
Delivery centers
Active customers
Projects delivered

Investments for your business and your level of ambition

Businesses can realize significant value through systematic work and the preparation of a plan that is implemented. The basis for this plan should be a solid and thoroughly prepared Business Case. We believe that IT investments should be considered in the same way as one treats investments in the physical infrastructure of the company.

Our solutions (recommendations) are not abstract future scenarios, but practical measures that can make the working day easier and strengthen the services you offer your customers.

How Incrementi can help your business

Incrementi is ready to assist your business in identifying, carrying out and implementing business-driven strategies to strengthen your competitiveness through the use of IT technology.

As an integral part of the process, we will work with you to develop a Business Case and a plan for profit realization related to your measures. We will actively help you to manage the project in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself to utilize IT technology.

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Camilla Fledsberg Vatne


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