About Us

Incrementi builds a bridge between business and IT.

IT technology is constantly developing and this creates new opportunities, while at the same time changing the competitive landscape. Value propositions and internal processes must be evaluated on an ongoing basis to strengthen competitiveness.

It’s our ambition to contribute to meet these new demands for business and IT development through developing a long-term partnership.

We're a 99x company

Incrementi is part of the 99X group.

The technology company 99X has its headquarters in Norway and has, over a number of years, developed innovative and recognized digital products for the Scandinavian market. The company has been named one of Asia’s best workplaces several times and is a global (position) leader in flexible (agile) product development and technological innovation. For 15 years, the company has created good customer experiences in the Scandinavian market.

Meet our Founders


Espen Slyngstad

Espen is an experienced and innovative business developer and leader who in several industries has implemented major changes, introduced new technology, sold solutions and realized gains.

He thrives at the intersection between business and technology and getting different environments to play together. Espen sees both the business and technological side of the digitization that is now underway. Problem solving and creating results in collaboration with others – where technology is a central element motivates him.


Camilla Fledsberg Vatne

Camilla is an experienced manager who has sold projects, carried out major changes, introduced new technology, and realized significant results, in several industries.

She is a leader who makes things happen, creates good relationships and is good at building bridges between different environments (management / IT operations / It) in order to create results. Camilla is motivated by solving problems and creating results together with others.

Why Incrementi?

We will create a sustainable business through the Hybrid delivery model utilizing a strong delivery capacity and capability at 99x combined with strong domain knowledge and project management skills in Norway

  • Business understanding and domain knowledge

  • Complete technology house

  • Strong delivery capability and mature corporate governance

  • We strengthen your organization

Ready to realise your product vision?