Are you frustrated by IT systems that don't talk to each other and make work cumbersome?

When the same information has to be repeatedly updated in several systems, it is experienced as a cumbersome and unnecessary use of time for the employee.

Examples of this could be support processes for new hires. Personal information about the employee must be entered in the HR system, then in the payroll system and then in the training system. This takes time, increases the likelihood of mistakes that can create frustration.

By ensuring that information is transferred automatically between different systems and applications, you will be able to save both time and reduce errors. In this way, you will increase customer and employee satisfaction and strengthen your own competitiveness.

We normally carry out such a project in three phases:

  • Solution design
  • Business case and profit realization plan
  • Development and implementation of solutions

Solution design

We get this job done quickly and efficiently for you. We will normally start with a workshop at your place as a customer. This will take an estimated half to a day. Here we need your contribution so that we can create exactly the solution you need. At the same time, in the workshop you can help us to define the level of ambition that is right for you.

Business case and profit realization plan

The project must be carried out to strengthen your company’s competitiveness. As part of the project, we will work with you to develop a business case and profit realization plan for the solution. In this way, you can actively manage so that you reach the goals you set for investing in this project.

Development and implementation of solutions

Based on the results of the workshop, we can develop all or parts of the solution for you. Here we look at ownership of data, how data should flow, workflows and monitoring of the solution. You choose how active you want to be in the project, but we will anyway include you and keep you informed about the progress and status of the project.

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