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Today, BUS has become a product range for vehicle inspection that ensures that thousands of vehicles are inspected every day. It started back in 1997 when founder Einar Dahle wanted to develop his own solution to meet stricter requirements as a result of changes in Norwegian legislation. Demand for services was high, but they needed support to accelerate growth. The starting point was a module from an ERP solution and a vision to improve efficiency.

The solution is in constant development and today has over 2,000 users with a market share of 70%. Over 1 million vehicles are checked per year!

“Working with the development team gave us the support we needed to achieve faster growth. Everyone who joined our project had outstanding technical skills and knowledge,” says Einar Dahle.

Einar is an associate partner in Incrementi and has unique knowledge of the automation and mobility domain, and has good experience from working in global teams.

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